Support Crew

Spectator Zones

There will be three (3) spectator zones for this event:



Spectator Zone 1:

Where: Dudley Beach Carpark

Who will you see: Only the 25km participants. You will see them running south on Dudley Beach on their outward journey at 11.5km and you will see them again as they head back and through the Dudley Beach carpark 15.5km, past the Aid station.

Driving from here it is approx. 15 minuets to the race start/finish area.



Spectator Zone 2:

Where: The intersection of the Easement Trail and Scenic Drive

Who will you see: 25km participants 21km into their race and 11km participants running up the Easement Trail, 6.5km into their race. 

Parking is available along Scenic Drive. We recommend parking on Scenic Drive and taking a short walk to this location and congregating on the Grass trail or along the edge of the shared bike path. From here it would take you approx. 7 minuets to drive to the finish area, meaning you have time to see them finish.



Spectator Zone 3:

Where: Hickson St

Who will you see: 5km, 11km & 25km races running in and out

Driving from here it is approx. 3-55 minutes to the race start/ finish area.

Driving directions to check points


We have nominated two (2) drink stations as the main support crew locations with ample parking and access.

Gun Club Rd

(approx 750m South East from City Rd) – 5.3km and 19.5km – (there will be a small number of portaloos at this Aid Station).


Please note parking is only available on the Fernleigh Loop.
Support crews must then enter the National Park walking 650m east on Gun Club Rd.
Dudley Beach Car Park

(approx 1.3km from Burwood Rd) – 15.9km

Parking is available on site